Third Day at AGBU Sofia Summer Camp Hayler 2016 – Conquering Ispolin Peak and Visit to Etera Complex


Сутринта, веднага след закуска се отправихме към местността Узана, откъдето изкачихме връх Исполин. На връщане посетихме Етера, Габрово и прекарахме наистина страхотно време там. Всички бяха изморени, вечеряхме и след кратки игри на открито се оттеглихме за сън.

In the morning, just after breakfast, we headed to Uzana Distr. where we conquered Ispolin Peak. On our way back, we visited Etera, Gabrovo and spent really great time there. Everybody was tired and after dinner, we had short games and headed for beds.

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Second Day at AGBU Sofia Summer Camp Hayler 2016 – Origami, Singing, Dancing and a First Birthday at the Camp


Денят премина в игри на открито, танци, пеене, ръчен труд с Нина. Вечерта имахме рожден ден – този на Гагик. Запалихме лагерен огън специално за това.

The day was full of games outdoors, dancing, singing, manual labour with Nina. Gagik had a birthday and on that occasion we made a camp fire and celebrated outside.

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First Day at Hayler Camp 2016 – Arrival, Acquaintance and Evening Art Fire


Пристигнахме в с. Поповци, обл. Габрово. След кратка почивка, следваха игри на открито и закрито. Вечерта се присъединихме към лагерен огън, в който художници и скулптури участваха. Станахме свидетели на изпичането на глинен съд в огън, което силно впечатли децата.

We arrived at Popovtsi Village, Gabrovo Distr, After short break, there were indoor and outdoor games. In the evening, we joined a camp fire, which was organized by artists and sculptors. We saw a how a clay pot is made in the fire. That impressed the children very much.


Скъпи приятели и родители,

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Dear friends,

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11th day – Farewell and departure …Till next year dearest and happy children of AGBU Sofia “HayLer” …. !!!

10th day – Breakfast culinary competition, hike in the woods, welcoming dear guests from Sofia, Nelly Matevossian, advisor at the Armenian Embassy in Sofia, Arsen Mikaelian, consul at the Armenian Embassy in Bucharest, guests from Sofia, Plovdiv and Bucharest.Hayler 2015 beautiful concert, followed by diplomas, medals and awards distribution to children and organisers …. Joyful atmosphere, cake to everyone followed by farewell dances and songs around the camp fire till late in the evening..



9th day – Hayler Olympic games.Children hand made art works, masks exhibition. Happy moments with armenien dances and songs around the camp fire in the evening.

8th day – Different sport games, virtual visit to interesting places in Armenia with AVC college. camp fire and Ex-Factor where most of the camp participants came out with their different talents…

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